“Art, My Passion. Graphic Design, My Profession…” Graphic Artist, George Pettigrew, first began to recognize his innate talent for the arts during his elementary education. His instructors throughout the years could not help but notice George’s acute attention to detail and the realism that was brought forth in his sketches and paintings. Though he received much acclaim for his work, it was not always so clear to George that a future in the arts awaited him. ---- After graduating from North Side High School in Jackson, TN, George tried his hand at community college. Realizing that he needed instruction from a professional “school of art”, coupled with strong encouragement from his mother, a graphic design artist herself, George turned his sights towards the International Academy of Design and Technology of Nashville. There he studied with the brightest; all the while collecting knowledge and skills from top industry professionals. George is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. He was privileged enough to experience an internship with a Nashville based music publishing company called Cherry Heart Music. His body of work includes everything from CD covers and posters to product design and “glamour shots.” ---- George Pettigrew has mastered his chosen art as a designer and will proceed to be an innovative force in his boundless field. He is sure to be a tremendous asset to the company that acquires him.